Top 3 tips for Winning at Slots

Top 3 tips for winning at slots

Winning the Jackpot: What It Takes To Walk Away With the Cash In Hand

Every game has its rules. Today we are talking about slot machines and how to win against the house that holds the rules.


There is a reason why we keep mentioning the budget. We have seen too many people lose their bank accounts on an ill-conceived bet. The first rule of thumb: You should only bet with money you do not mind losing. Set a limit and stay there. The second rule of thumb: Start to lower your betting limit once you start reaching the point where your wins turn to losses. The third rule of thumb: Walk away. Sometimes you have no choice but to turn and walk away. It is better to walk away than to lose everything you came in with. I have seen it happen. You need to learn from the people who came before you.


You are advised to start small and work your way up. Some people want to go in for the kill right away. That is not going to work unless your goal is to let them take your money now and avoid the pain later.

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park where Ellie reboots the system? Do you remember how she had to turn everything on by hitting each individual switch, and then she went for the main handle? That is how you should look at slot machines.

“Sometimes you have to pump the primer handle slowly to get the full charge.”

3) Every machine is a blip on the radar. Some will give you hits, while others will give you near misses. Sometimes you have to scout out the machine before settling in.

Remember: Not every dud is an actual “dud.” Not all machines that run “hot” are going to give you mad money in return. Sometimes a hot machine is something running cold in disguise. For more ideas read on slots play online.


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